Friday, February 10, 2012

Whats behind door #3?

Both of my beasties sleep well- they're down for 11-12 hours most nights. I don't take this for granted but also think theres some hint of Darwin theory involved for everyones sake. 

Miller has his own bed, which means he can get out of it whenever he wants. He's generally great at staying put minus those random episodes where he shows up in our room at 3 AM after a bad dream. (why is it always 3 AM?) Those nights are akin to Wrestle Mania, but in the dark. I end up keeping one eye open the rest of the night defending flying elbows to the forehead and the sneaky roundhouse heel kicks to the crotch. It's something I didn't need confirmed but it validates my theory that Miller can't keep still even when asleep.

In the not so recent past he began to get out of bed all by himself and would climb up the 2 flights of stairs to our room- yippee!! This was a much heralded change to waking up to a screaming baby on the monitor, followed by a quick game of ro-sham-bo between 2 half awake parents for the dubious honor of going downstairs to collect the little guy from his puddle of confusion at daybreak.

On the days that Miller did sleep thru the night, the morning caused a bit of anxiety as I didn't have control over when he'd actually wake up. Or what he'd be wearing upon arrival at the entrance to our bedroom.

The variance is incredibly diverse let me tell ya.

Some days he'll proudly stomp into our room shirtless with his backpack on- stuffed with dinosaurs and other sundry but essential (to him) items. Other days he will announce himself fully naked. (although that is usually saved for the Amazon Fresh guy).

He has even learned to fashion his pajama shirt into a makeshift halter top- his head and one arm popped out of the neck hole while the empty sleeve dangles off to the side, intended to add some flair to the ensemble I guess.

There have also been a few nods to bad 90's hip hop artists in the form of completely backwards pajama's, top and bottom, a la Kris Kross. (I know you're singing 'Jump, Jump' in your head right now- sorry.)

There is usually a pregnant pause as he stand in the doorway, to make sure we are clearly taking in all of the awesomeness that was thought up minutes ago. Then he will proudly run across the room and pounce on us- so begins our mornings.

He does have a certain flair for the dramatic. 

Bob Barker would be proud.

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  1. This is really cute--always refreshing to hear a Dad talk about the lighter side of child rearing! Good job!